Norwood Maintenance & Services

Q: Are your heating and cooling bills slowly

rising each month?

Q: Are you paying more to warm and cool your house than

your family members, friends and neighbors?


If this describes you, it's likely you haven’t had your heating and cooling system serviced for some time. Planned maintenance is essential to maintaining maximum energy efficiency because with each use, your HVAC equipment gains a slight bit of wear and tear. After several months or even several years without service, a little amount of wear and tear can become a LOT of wear and tear! This can result in a loss in energy efficiency – or in some cases, a broken unit altogether.


By having regular, professional tune-ups and cleanings each year, you save money on your heating and cooling bills, and lengthen the life of your HVAC equipment.



Air Conditioning

• Improves Cooling System Performance

• Relieves High Energy Costs

• Equipment Lasts Longer

• Prevents Most Breakdowns

• No Over Time Charge

• Discounts on Repair Parts and Labor

• Spring Maintenance Includes:

• Condenser Coil Chemical Wash

• Electrical Connections Tightening

• Motors Oiling

• Refrigerant Levels Inspection


Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

It always seems like your air conditioner breaks down at the worst possible time – on the hottest day of the summer, when everyone else in your neighborhood is scrambling to call the HVAC Company to fix their own air conditioner problems!


This summer, get ahead of the game by scheduling regular AC tune ups and maintenance that will help prevent breakdowns and keep your air conditioner running smoothly all season.


Typical Service Maintenance Work Includes:


• Inspect Wiring and Connections

• Inspect Ignition Controls

• Inspect Burner Operation

• Inspect Flue Draft

• Inspect Safety Controls

• Inspect Contactors and Relays

• Inspect Fan Blowers and Belts

• Inspect and Clean Condenser Coil if Accessible

• Inspect Condensate Drain

• Inspect Thermostat for Proper Calibration

• Clean or Replace Owner Furnished Air Filters

• Inspect Operating Pressures & Temperatures

• Monitor Air Conditioning and Heat Cycles

• Provide Recommendations


We can repair or service all brands and get the brand necessary when it comes to replacement parts or even an entire unit.


Heating Service and Maintenance


Nothing is worse than being stuck in the cold during the winter months with no heat in your home or office. When your heating system breaks down, you want your home or building warm again as quickly as possible.


Our technicians are trained to do just that. Hopefully a repair is all you need, but our technicians may recommend replacing certain parts of your system or installing a completely new system altogether - if they determine it would be more cost-effective in the long run.


We can repair or service all major brands of heating systems, boilers, furnaces, thermostats, heat pumps, circulation pumps, heaters and even geothermal systems!

Whether you need some minor repair work or a brand new heating system installed, make us your go-to heating services company!


Heating Services include (but are not limited to):

• Furnace Repair and Installation

• Heat Pump Repair and Installation

• Humidifier Installation and Repair

• Programmable Thermostat Installation

• Oil to Gas Conversions for Heating Systems

• Electric to Gas Conversions for Heating Systems

• Expert Troubleshooting and Diagnosis for Warm and Cool Air Flow

• Service Contracts on All Makes and Models of HVAC Equipment


Our trucks are equipped with a large inventory of repair parts for American Standard, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, Payne, Rheem, Ruud and Trane equipment.


• Improves Heating System Performance

• No Over-Time Charges

• Prevents Most Breakdowns

• Discounts on Repair Parts and Labor

• Fall Maintenance Includes:

• Blower Cleaning

• Burners Cleaning and Inspection

• Electrical Connections Tightening

• Carbon Monoxide Detection

• Evaporator Coil Drain Cleaning

• Motors Oiling


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